Optimising the temperature of your mould tool is a balancing act at best. You need a warm or hot tool tomake sure your parts are fully formed and have no surface defects, but you also need to cool the mould before the parts are removed.


One unit for both mould heating and cooling.
Max. 180C hot and min. 8C cold water circuit
PLC controlled active manifold allows accurate hot and cold water delivery to the same circuit within a single moulding cycle.
Four zones as standard, with options for more.
We even supply a Greenbox Engineer for a process optimisation day at your site.

THE ADVANTAGES are obvious

Superior cosmetic finish can be readily achieved eg: high-gloss. This is because the tool can be run as hot as it needs to be without worrying about cycle time.
Dramatic reduction in the mould cooling phase offers significant cycle time reduction without compromise.
A single press side unit can provide a complete solution.

ADDED DATE: 24/08/17