Conveyor & Separation Specialists

Crizaf is an Italian company and leading manufacturer of aluminium Crizaf conveyors, parts and sprue separators, box and bag filling systems and multi level storage systems. Their extensive range of products are used around the world in a wide range of industries, including automotive, closure, cosmetic, electrical, food, appliances, medical/pharmaceutical, packaging & recycling, to name some.

  • Aluminium Conveyors

  • Parts & Sprue Separators

  • Box & Bag Filling Systems

  • Multi-Level Storage Systems

Horizontal Conveyors

Incline Conveyors

Incline Conveyors with PP/PA Plastic Linkage Belt

Heavy Duty Horizontal Conveyors

Heavy Duty Incline Conveyors

Parts & Sprue Separation

Stocking, Weighing & Counting