MSS Sound Insulating System


No More Noise with Rapid MSS!

The most effective way to reduce noise is to capture it at the source, i.e. prevent it from spreading into the working environment. You can then reduce significantly more dB(A) in a very cost efficient way compared to e.g. noise absorbing panels in the ceiling.

The Rapid MSS (Modular Silencing System) is a concept that can be adapted to any noise generating source in the production plant. As it is capturing the noise at the source it can reduce as much as 10–20 dB(A). Rapid’s MSS main area is extra sound protection for granulators and granulator transport systems to reduce operating noise levels and enhance the health and safety regime in the workplace.

Rapid MSS

  • Absorbs the noise at the source
  • Effective, lowers noise with up to 20 dB(A)
  • Modular, built from few parts
  • Flexible, easy to adopt to plant changes
  • Easy handling, fitting by a single person

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MSS Sound Insulating System
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