Rapid RAPTOR New Generation Plastic Shredders


  • Open hearted technology
  • Recycles all plastic
  • Patented unique knife design – Quadcut
  • Protected rotor
  • Customizeable tile back hopper

Rapid Open Hearted RAPTOR Shredders
The new modular shredders come in two widths – 800 and 1350mm.  With the modular series 36 base configurations, the Raptors recycle all kinds of plastics.   Thin film, heavy lumps or light weight bulky containers, all are converted into finist chips for further treatment.

QuadCUT knife design
Not only the handling outstanding, the new patented Rapid QuadCUT knife design offers four true cutting edges per knife in a solid piece which makes the knives the toughest you can get.  Furthermore, the knives are clamped in a rock solid design including a shock absorber to protect the rotor from being destroyed in a sudden impact from any metal etc. that may have accidentally entered the cutter house.

Integration with granulator
The Raptor plastic shredders are designed to interact with the also new Rapid 300-LBB granulator, a series of low built and compact granulators forming the Raptor DUO.  The output from the Raptor feeds directly into the granulator.

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