S4650 (double channel separator)


4000 SERIES S4650 + S4660


Most suitable for high volume, small parts applications.  These models can separate sprues and runners from parts with a difference in size as little as 1.0mm.  It provides up to a three-way separation, by a simple mechanism.  The rollers can be moved and adjusted to separate parts up to 50mm in diameter by a cross sectional dimension.
Speed – the rate at which the drum rotates has an effect on the success rate of separation.  Crizaf drum separators have a variable speed drive to enhance product flow and optimize separation.
Angle – Most separation devices utilize gravity as part of their means of parts separation.  To help benefit from the use of gravity, Crizaf’s drum separators have an adjustment that can alter the angle of decline further ensuring maximum separation.

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S4650 (double channel separator)
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