BOE-THERM: Elevating Industrial Temperature Control Since 1961

Pioneers in the development and production of high-quality temperature control units, also known as TCU’s. Offering unparalleled temperature control solutions with a range extending from 10 °C to 350°C.

Key Features:
  • Standard heat capacity of up to 96 kW (larger capacities available on request)
  • Water-based units with direct or indirect cooling, offering various cooling capacities
  • Oil units supplied with indirect cooling
  • Different pump sizes available based on specific requirements
Technical Specifications: Explore the technical specifications for each product, emphasizing heating capacity, cooling capacity, and pump performance to ensure optimal temperature control for your unique needs.

Standard Features:
  • User-friendly touch display for seamless operation
  • Automatic restart for uninterrupted performance
  • Temperature monitoring with deviation alarm
  • Automatic water filling (water units)
  • Indirect or direct chilling options (water units)
  • Indirect chilling (oil units)
Additional Optional Functions:
  • Mould emptying
  • Leakage stop during operation
  • External temperature sensors
  • Flow measurement and monitoring
  • Pressureless operation after stop
  • Communication with external machines
  • Remote control capabilities

Water Temperature Controllers

Hot Air Dryer

Oil Temperature Controllers