Plastics Ancillary Equipment Specialists

Conair is the leading producer of plastic ancillary equipment for plastics processing in the world, manufacturing and marketing over 450 different products, including resin-drying systems, blenders, feeders and material-conveying systems, temperature-control equipment and granulators. Extrusion solutions include gravimetric control systems, film and sheet scrap-reclaim systems and downstream equipment for pipe and profile extrusion. 

  • Compressed air resin dryers

  • Desiccant wheel dryers

  • Material dosers & Gravimetric blenders

  • Hopper loaders &¬†Material conveying systems

  • Film & sheet scrap-reclaim systems

  • Down stream equipment for pipe & profile extrusion

Proportioning Valves

Common Line Valves

Line Cleaning Valves

Gravimetric Dosing & Blending

Plastic Compressed Air Dryers

Plastic Desiccant Wheel Dryers

Monitoring & Energy Saving

Scrap Saver

Trim Conveying

Belt Pullers


Combination - Pullers & Cutters