Conair plastic ancillaries


Plastics Ancillary Equipment Specialists

Conair is the leading producer of plastic ancillary equipment for plastics processing in the world, manufacturing and marketing over 450 different products, including resin-drying systems, blenders, feeders and material-conveying systems, temperature-control equipment and granulators. Extrusion solutions include gravimetric control systems, film and sheet scrap-reclaim systems and downstream equipment for pipe and profile extrusion. 

  • Compressed air resin dryers

  • Desiccant wheel dryers

  • Material dosers & Gravimetric blenders

  • Hopper loaders &¬†Material conveying systems

  • Film & sheet scrap-reclaim systems

  • Down stream equipment for pipe & profile extrusion

Proportioning Valves

Common Line Valves

Line Cleaning Valves

Gravimetric Dosing & Blending

Plastic Compressed Air Dryers

Plastic Desiccant Wheel Dryers

Monitoring & Energy Saving

Scrap Saver

Trim Conveying

Belt Pullers


Combination - Pullers & Cutters