Micro Wheel


Micro Wheel – Desiccant Wheel Dryer:

Conair’s new MicroWheel dryer is the perfect solution for processes that do not need the capacity of a large dryer and hopper, but still need the efficiency and reliability of Conair’s desiccant wheel drying technology.

As the smallest and most compact desiccant wheel dryer of its type on the market today, Conair now offers this perfect option for applications requiring a small and efficient dryer/hopper combination.  Designed with the medical industry in mind, this desiccant wheel dryer features stainless construction, clean operation, and a compact footprint.

  • Application flexibility, less dust, energy-efficient
  • Easy setup with built-in material database
  • Built-in intelligence to protect your material
  • Easy to maintain

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Plastic Desiccant Wheel Dryers - Micro Wheel
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