S42 (rotary drum separator)


Rotary drum separators are versatile, functional and an economic means of part/runner separation.
  • Ideal for the separation of small parts and high output
  • Eliminates manual sorting
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced labour / costs

How it works – as parts pass through the rotating drum, the small parts slip through the pre-set gaps between the rollers.  All other components continue to travel through and exit at the end of the drum.

Cycle time – If too many parts and runners are in the process at one time, they can interfere with each other and prevent proper separation.  The S41 has a special metering section on the infeed of the drum to ensure all parts and runners flow freely through the process, utilizing the entire length of the separation drum.

Speed – the rate at which the drum rotates has an effect on the success rate of separation.  Crizaf rotary drum separators have a variable speed drive to enhance product flow and optimize separation.

Angle – Most separation devices utilize gravity as part of their means of parts separation.  To help benefit from the use of gravity, Crizaf’s rotary drum separators have an adjustment that can alter the angle of decline further ensuring maximum separation.

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S42 (rotary drum separator)
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