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Granulator solutions for every type of production

Injection moulding

Rapid granulators for injection moulding applications meet the challenges presented by in-line recycling of plastic waste. From the infeed of plastic waste to the transport of regrind directly back to the injection moulding machine, our modular approach to granulation enables it to provide customized solutions based on standardized parts.

Rapid Plastic granulators comprising the 100 Series, 150 Series and 200 Series are ideally suited to recycling waste and rejects for injection moulding machines with clamping forces up to approx 250 tonnes. Features that help customize these granulators are robot feeding, conveyor transport and auger feed.

Blow moulding

We provide an ideal choice of granulators for recycling plastic waste from blow moulding applications. Waste and rejects of all sizes ranging from diverse small containers including tops and tails up to large plastic barrels and vehicle petrol tanks pose no problems. Models can be configured for either central or beside-the-press operation. The Open Hearted 300, 400, 500 and 600 Series machines can all be equipped with Super tangential cutter houses in order to maximize the gripping ability and preventing that the light weight bulky parts will bounce on the rotor.

A number of infeed systems and hopper alternatives tailor the various models for particular applications.

Pipes and profiles

Both multipurpose and dedicated Rapid granulators are available for recycling various plastic pipes and profiles.

The Open Hearted granulator series can be tailored for pipes and profiles of any dimension or material thanks to the modular design.

The Rapid Plastic Shredder/Granulator with automatic feeding control is totally dedicated to recycling large pipes and profiles.

Film and sheet extrusion
Rolls of waste plastic film and sheet are usually dealt with in two ways.

Alternatively, and according to cutterhouse width, rolls of film/sheet are unwound and drawn continuously into the appropriate granulator by means of a Roll Feed System mounted on the granulator infeed. The superior design of the cutterhouse, rotors and knives ensures that even thin film is cut through cleanly.

Thermo-forming extrusion

The in-line granulators are dedicated to the direct recycling of waste from thermoformed plastic packaging material. They cut to pieces whole foil, skeletal foil and partially punched foil into high-quality regrind at up to 500 kg/h.

The granulator’s fully integrated Roll Feed System – 1,200 mm wide – draws in continuous sheets of waste directly from the thermoforming machine. Foil infeed is automatically synchronized to match the thermoforming speed. Highly effective soundproofed encapsulation cuts noise significantly.

Edge-trim granulation

The Guillotine System speeds up the recycling of edge trimmings. Two guillotines, one for each trimmed edge, are incorporated into a system that continuously cuts edge trimmings coming directly from a sheet extrusion line into small pieces. The guillotined pieces fall onto a band conveyor that transports them to a granulator.

Alternatively, Rapid granulators can be tailored to take care of edge trimmings. A Roll Feed System fitted on a granulator pulls in continuous strips of edging directly after they have been trimmed off from plastic sheets or foil coming from an extrusion line.

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