LDP1 (for metering powders)


LDP1:  Volumetric dosing units for precise metering of powder additives directly on the throat of the injection moulding machine, extruder or blow moulder.

Compact modular design means that additional stations and a paddle mixer can easily be added to allow for dosing regrind material as well as virgin and masterbatch.


  • Quick release central body for easy access
  • Screw can only be accessed when machine is switched off, for operator safety
  • Static mixer with mounting base & inspection cover
  • Low voltage (24v – 0.03kW) brushless motor with constant torque gearbox
  • Hopper (5 litre) with internal shaker
  • Non stock teflon sleeve for auger screw
  • Constant electronic weight control


  • Controls the dosing screw to operate continuously by the analogical signal from the extruder or in cycles by the electronic contact from the injection moulder.
  • User friendly interface with graphic display and keyboard for parameter set-up
  • Manual or automatic operation select
  • Library for storing recipes
  • Ready for material level sensor – shortage alarm
  • Ready for control of ASC-1 venturi hopper loader


  • Audible Alarm
  • Serial outlet RS485
  • Remote keypad kit

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