Touch-Sys Evo



Central controller with PLC server, touch-screen panel and full colour graphic display providing easy set up and management of your material conveying system.  It’s modular open system means that it is easily expanded for the connection of additional vacuum pumps and material receivers, as well as dryers, silos, IMM’s and any other machinery that you wish to control.


  • Up to a maximum of 200 modules
  • Example: No.10 vacuum pumps, with a maximum total of 180 material receivers


  • PLC Server
  • Full colour graphic touch-screen (5², 10² 15²)
  • Dedicated software for management of conveying system
  • Painted steel control cabinet
  • Visual and audible alarm


  • MODULE for material level control in silos
  • MODULE for control and monitoring desiccant dryers
  • MODULE for control and management of machine side granulators
  • MODULE for control of material coding and selection
  • MODULE for remote connection to Maintech’s technical support
  • MODULE for remote connection to mobile phone or tablet (ANDROID OR APPLE)

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